The Press

Somos Hermanos Press is an independent bilingual publishing house that specializes in bilingual children's books in English and Spanish. All of our books are accompanied by audio recorded by native English and Spanish speakers to give all kids the chance to start their bilingual journey early regardless of their parents' language abilities.

The People

Author and Founder

Roxanna Delgadillo

Illustrator and Co-founder

Virginia Patterson


Ramon Delgadillo

A native Spanish speaker who grew up in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico and completed the majority of his studies there, including a teaching certification. Coming from a border town, he knows exactly what it means to be not only bilingual but also bicultural. He spent almost two decades as a Spanish-English court interpreter and now we're lucky to call him our editor. We thank him for all of his input and support.


Kathy Hansen

Native English speaker with an undergraduate degree in Spanish and Masters degree in Spanish literature.

Voice actors

Andrea and Luna Teutli

A big thank you to Andrea and Luna for recording our very first audio track!

Sound Engineer

Alex Delgadillo

Controller and sustaining partner

Jim Douglas

Sustaining partners

Paul and Louisa Patterson